The show will feature at MASP around 150 works by Edgar Degas (Paris, 1834–1917), exploring the relationship between his work and the world of dance while calling attention to the fact that nearly half of his two thousand works, including oils, pastels, drawings, prints and sculptures, involve a depiction of the social realities of dance during his time, and, consequently, of the feminine presence and the woman’s role in that context. In this regard, the show avoids strictly formal or stylistic approaches. The selection of artworks comes from the museum’s own collection, which possesses 76 works by the artist – a group consisting of 3 paintings and a set of 73 sculptures in bronze, 38 of which are from his celebrated series of dancers, including the iconic 14-Year-Old Dancer (1880). Only three other museums in the world possess this collection (the Glyptotek Ny Carlsberg of Copenhagen, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and the Musée d’Orsay of Paris). All of these works will be featured in the show.

CURATED BY Adriano Pedrosa, Artistic Director, MASP, Fernando Oliva, Curator, MASP.