Give to your employees free and unlimited admission to MASP’s diverse, inclusive and plural programming. Benefit from a variety of discounts, courses, after-hours events, art talks and access at more than 15 partners institutions throughout Brazil.

*Contact us to learn more about Empresa Amiga MASP, and offer your employees a special access to this cultural passport. Email:

*Available for companies with 100 or more employees


By allowing companies to offer a special cultural benefit program to their employees, the Empresa Amiga MASP project creates the opportunity to bring the partner institutions closer to one of the most important museums in the country, while enabling them to access a program that is centered on diversity, inclusion and pluralism.


  • After-hour visits at the Museum;
  • Exhibition previews;
  • Member-only courses and lectures;
  • MASP backstage-themed webinars;
  • Special experiences for the whole family;
  • Discount at the MASP Store, Restaurant, MASP School and more;
  • Discounts and free pass at +15 museums, theaters and cinemas throughout Brazil.


  • Possibility of hosting corporate events in MASP’s foyer, restaurante and auditorium (training, retreats, on-boarding and others);
  • 25% discount and scheduling priorities at space rentals;
  • After-hour experiences for special guests, including guided-visits;
  • Availability of develop gifts and welcome kits from MASP Store products.


  • AMIGO MASP digital card (up to 4 members with the family plan);
  • Free and skip-the-line unlimited admission;
  • Access to an special Amigo MASP newsletter;
  • Invitation to Amigo MASP nights;
  • Bring a friend for unlimited visits on your birthday month.



  • 15% MASP Escola
  • 10% restaurant MASP A Baianeira
  • 20% MASP Store (only for products of MASP brand)
  • 10% MASP Store for crafted and designed products
  • 10% MASP Store Books from other selected publishers¹
  • 10% MASP Coffee shop


  • Delivery MASP A Baianeira: get a dessert of the day per order²


  • Free admission at MAM-SP
  • 20% for registration at MAM-SP program
  • Free admission Fundação Iberê Camargo
  • 10% on Iberê Camargo Store
  • Free admission at Museu Afro Brasil
  • 10% on courses at Afro Brasil Museum
  • Free admission at MAM Rio
  • 30% for registration at Agente MAM Rio program
  • 50% on tickets at Roberto Marinho House
  • Free admission at Museu do Amanhã (RJ)
  • 20% for registration at Amigos do Amanhã-NOZ (RJ) program
  • 50% on tickets at MIS
  • 10% on MIS Store
  • 20% on courses at MIS
  • 50% on tickets at Inhotim (MG)
  • Free admission on Football Museum
  • Free admission on Museu da Língua Portuguesa
  • 50% on tickets at Pinacoteca
  • 30% for registration at Amigos da Pina program
  • 10% on Pina Store
  • 10% on courses at Pina


  • 50% Petra Belas Artes Cinema
  • First free month of subscription at Belas Artes À La Carte
  • 15% Casa Natura Musical**
  • 30% On tickets at Teatro Uol

¹ Autonomia Literária, Bazar do Tempo, Brinque-Book, Callis, Claro Enigma, Cobogó, Companhia das Letras, Editora 34, Girassol, Global, IKREK, Kapulana, Nankin, Olhares, Paralela, Penguim, Quatro Cinco Um, Seguinte, Ubu and Zahar.

² The courtesy is only valid for orders that reach the minimum value of R$20

** Valid for selected concerts.