The MASP Teachers is a program of meetings about art, education and public sphere, turned to the formation of educators and people interested on education and culture in general. Each edition tryes to go deeper in the discussions brought by the exhibition cicles of the museum, taking under consideration the debates of the pedagogical field. Activities are free, and take place on a Saturday a month.

In 2019, the MASP Teachers's events are vinculated to the annual thematic cycle "Histories of women, feminists histories". Aside the collections and visual art exhibitions of the museum, other artistic languages, experiences of education and public politics for diversity and gender equality, feminists movements agendas, the women's action in political and cultural spaces, will be debated.

In this way, MASP converts itself in a platform for the interlocution between teachers and further social agents, that build, in their contexts of action, estrategies to promote critical pedagogies.