Every year, MASP structures its program around thematic axes that orient the exhibitions, as well as the mediation activities and public programs, such as conferences, courses, and workshops. The seminars introduce, foster, and spread discussions on such themed axes, approaching the curatorial universe to the pedagogical work. At MASP, seminars are held one or even two years previous to an exhibition, thus introducing the public debate. With free admission, the events are held at the MASP Auditorium, recorded in video and shared – also for free – on the museum’s website and Youtube channel.

Serigrafistas Queer, Liberdade para as sensibilidades, 2018, collection MASP, gift of the artists, in the context of the exhibition Women’s Histories, Feminist Histories, 2019.

Queer Histories

June 9th–10th, 2022

Histórias da diversidade/Queer Histories is the second in a series of seminars that anticipates the MASP program dedicated to the theme throughout 2024. The first, held in 2021, was attended by C. Ondine Chavoya, Carlos Motta, E. Patrick Johnson, Érica Sarmet, Jeffrey Gibson, Grupo Mexa and Luiza Brunah, Lux Ferreira Lima, Mel Y. Chen, Nancy Garín Guzmán,...