The program of loans of artworks from MASP’s collection to other institutions in Brazil and abroad is aimed at two objectives:

  • - expand access to the collection and reach new publics
  • - contribute to high-quality public programs and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad

1.1 Sending of loan request letters

Letters for the request of loans of artworks from MASP’s collection should be addressed to the museum’s artistic director, containing the following information:

A) Loan request letter* – signed by the legal representative of the company or institution (should be the individual who will take responsibility for the loan and whose documentation should be part of the loan contract), containing the following information about the exhibition:

  • - reasons warranting the loan request;
  • - name of the exhibition, curatorial framing and concept of the show;
  • - name of curator;
  • - place where the exhibition will be held;
  • - the show’s start and end dates;
  • - date of beginning and end of the loan (including packaging, pickup, transportation, exhibition, repacking and return);
  • - whether the show will include the publication of a catalog;
  • - list of artwork(s) requested;
  • - pledge that all expenses arising from the requested loan will be defrayed by the requester without right to reimbursement;
  • - the letter should be written in either Portuguese or English.

B) A report on the place where the loaned artworks will be shown, demonstrating the existence of proper environmental conditions in the exhibition spaces and adequate security for their display (Facility Report).

C) Any other information that the requesting party deems necessary.

MASP’s team reserves the right of not responding to questions presented by third parties before the formal presentation of the loan request letter, concerning, for example, the availability of artworks, insurance fees, artist contacts and contributions.

2. Deadlines

Requests must be received with adequate time in advance, according to the following:

- loans within Brazil: six months in advance, before the exhibition’s opening;

- international loans: 12 months in advance, before the exhibition’s opening.

3. Costs

The requesting party must defray any costs arising from the loan, such as for packaging, transport, insurance of the artworks, costs of accompaniment by courier, photographic records and preparation of the artworks (restorations, fixing of frames, placement of antireflective glass, etc.).

4. Additional conditions for international loans:

In accordance with Federal Law n. 4.845 of November 19, 1965, the temporary departure of artworks from Brazil is subject to approval by the Instituto de Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (IPHAN) – Brasília office. For further information, see Portaria n. 262 of August 14, 1992.

Artworks lent abroad should be protected by Immunity from Seizure.

Address for sending loan request letters:
Adriano Pedrosa - Diretor Artístico do MASP
Museu de Arte de São Paulo
Avenida Paulista, 1578
São Paulo SP

Send a digital version in pdf format to the Nucleus of Collection